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New Release - Oct. 2015 - Vol 1 Spanish


Order the much anticipated release of

“Los Nómadas Loquitos De Palmerston Close”

Available now in Paperback and Kindle


*Attention Educators*


Teacher's Guide Now Available for Vol 1 & 2

       Aligned with ELA State Standards for Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing.

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Thanks for stopping at Mohalland Lewis. Let us introduce ourselves. We are a company whose objective is to use books as a way to encourage kids to use their imaginations, and to promote education and literacy. We have been on our own exciting journey creating these books. Please visit our site again and follow along with us on this amazing adventure.


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  

~ Albert Einstein

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Los Nómadas Loquitos De Palmerston Close - Vol 1

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